Institutional Projects

Guayama Vocational High School - Guayama, P.R.: (1999)

A high school vocational complex with more than 20 classroom buildings distributed in a 20 acre (875,000 sq. ft.) land lot with covered basketball court, cafeteria building, amphitheater, administration building, vocational workshops, etc.  The project required a dedicated 38kV utility connection, 38kv private substation and various loop feed 13.2kV pad mounted transformers.

Bayamon Pediatric Hospital - Hermanos Meléndez: (2004)

New 131 bed healthcare facility part of the well-known Hermanos Melendez Hospital Campus.  Facility is dedicated to pediatric care and includes pediatric emergency room, radiology, pediatric and neonatal intensive care units and surgery ward.   Electrical distribution system consists of two 1000 KVA pad mounted transformers connected at a primary voltage of 13.2KV.  Secondary distribution was done at 277/480V.  The electrical design was done in strict accordance with the governing codes for healthcare facilities, including the use of three different power distribution  systems for critical, essential and non-essential loads with a redundant 100% stand-by generating system which will shed power in order of priority in the case of system failure.  Interior lighting design was instrumental in creating an atmosphere of wellness for the pediatric patients.
A unique characteristic of this project is that it was designed in a partially completed office building.  This connection represented a great challenge and required an intense coordination with the mechanical systems and the architectural features due to the limited spaces available.

P.R. Olympic Coliseum: (1998)

A 20,000 seat arena located in San Juan Banking Center.  Our office in conjunction with Flack & Kurtz Design Group from New York provided the electrical design of the project which consisted of two 38KV service entrance feeders, a 46KV GIS switchgear, two 14 MVA substation a 13.2KV distribution system that feeds 3 double ended unit substations 13.2KV-480/277, interior distribution for lighting, special event lighting, concession spaces and audio visual/t.v. transmission facilities.

Residential 12kW Photovoltaic System - Mr. Jorge Ledón Residence, Carolina, P.R.: (2009)

An existing single family dwelling which was retrofitted with a grid-tie utility interactive bi-modal photovoltaic(PV) system.  The system consist of 36 PV panels rated 224W each, one 12kW PV inverter, 3-charge controllers, 48 VDC battery bank and the complete DC and AC wiring system.  JRR performed 100% of the electrical designs and permitting for this project.

Industrial 54kW Photovoltaic System - Standard Refrigeration Co. - San Juan, P.R.: (2009)

An existing industrial facility which was retrofitted with a grid-tie utility interactive photovoltaic (PV) system.  The system consists of 270 PV panels rated 200W each,  nine 6kW PV inverters, and the complete DC and AC wiring system. JRR performed 100% of the electrical designs and permitting for this project.

Standard Refrigeration Co. - USGBC Certified LEED Platinum Building
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