Residential Projects

Vanda Residences: (2003)

Two 4,000 s.f. single family dwelling units in the heart of the Guaynabo sub-urban sector.

AIR Romana: (2004)

Single family vacation home in the tropical setting of La Romana, D.R. The project consists of 4 structures: one main gazebo housing the kitchen, dining room and living areas, and three bungalows housing the bedrooms and common rooms for family members and guests. The electrical design included a three phase service entrance feeder, power and lighting distribution, centralized lighting control system and landscape lighting.

Murano Luxury Apartments: (2003)

Multi-family mid rise upscale apartment complex consisting of 196 apartment units, clubhouse, pool area, gym and racquetball court. Due to the nature of the project, the most cost effective electrical design for the underground site distribution consisted of a primary 13.2 KV underground three phase loop that feeds eight 300 KVA three phase pad mounted transformers that serves meterbanks at each mid-rise building. Our firm designed all electrical facilities for this project including: primary underground distribution, secondary underground distribution, stand-by generators, fire alarm site distribution, underground telecommunications and interior electrical distribution for dwelling units and common areas.

Six Two - Santiago Iglesias: (2002)

Eleven story high rise upscale condominium in the heart of El Condado. The building consists of 10 luxury apartments (one per floor with a two level Penthouse) designed to obtain the maximum usable square footage available. To achieve this, all utilities were installed within the basement and ground levels and therefore all infrastructure serving the 10 dwelling units originated from below. This element required vast design experience, innovation and coordination. The project is served by a 300 KVA substation and is equipped with a stand-by generator for 100% back-up power.

Caribe Village: (1999)

Caribe Village is a multi use complex located at the entrance of the Old San Juan peninsula.  It consists of two condo-hotel towers, two luxury condominium towers and an office, commercial and condominium structure and a multi level parking.  Our office prepared the electrical distribution design of the total project which included the difficult coordination work required for the proper systems interconnection of all structures.  In order to connect the 10MVA load required for this project to the power company grid an extensive underground 13.2KV distribution system was design coordinated with the existing power company facilities and requirements.

Commercial Projects

Scherrer Hernández - Administrative Offices: (2006)

Designed and built in 2007, this project consisted of 14,200 s.f.  interior office space within an existing building in the heart of the Santurce urban district.  An inviting interior atmosphere was desired and the lighting design played an essential role in achieving this request.

Coca Cola - Administrative Offices: (2002)

The project consisted of new loading and unloading docks and canopy, new administrative offices, new perimeter fence and guardhouse and an access bridge that required the relocation and of several utility primary aerial lines and telecommunications infrastructure.  Great attention was put into providing an atmosphere that created a strong local presence-image, the interior electrical design along with innovative architecture served this purpose.

Plaza Dorada: (2000)

Project consisted of 36,000 ft2 of strip mall  retail space with & free standing lots.
Site electrical distribution consist of a 13.2KV underground loop with various switching units to serve strip mall transclosure type substations and future substations for the free standing lots. Our firm was responsible for the 100% design of the electrical, telecommunications & lighting of the master plan.

Westernbank - Old San Juan Branch: (2003)

This private bank branch was built on a existing structure which was remodeled 100% of the electrical system.  All electrical work, lighting, communications & security systems were design at our firm.

First Bank- Galeria San Patricio Branch: (2004)

Project consisting of a 4,000 s.f. interior space at an existing commercial building.  A innovative atmosphere was created by the architect by using a “wave” style suspended ceiling, to complement this, general illumination was achieved with vertically mounted fluorescent fixtures that pierced through the suspended ceiling plane.  Our design also included interior electrical facilities for power distribution, security, telecommunications and an on-site stand-by generator.

Sun Bay Marina: (2000)

Located in the eastern part of P.R.,consisted of 141 slips dedicated for boats from small cruisers to large luxury yachts.  Our design included the electrical and CTV distribution for the project, which included the electrical distribution for the slips power centers, substations, administration and commercial facilities.
An interesting and challenging feature of this marina is that it was completely built on piles over the water including parking, administrative and service facilities.
This is one of the many marinas we have design throughout Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

Finished Goods Warehouse - McNeil C&SP, Las Piedras, P.R.:  (2006)

A 20,000 finish goods warehouse for the McNeil C&SP pharmaceutical plant in Las Piedras.  The project scope included a secondary unit substation with power factor correction capacitors, complete 480/277 & 120/208V voltage power distribution system, energy efficient fluorescent high bay lighting with a fully automatic occupancy sensor system throughout the entire warehouse and signalling systems (CCTV, FA & Telecomm). JRR performed 100% of the power, lighting and signalling design for this project.

Institutional Projects

Guayama Vocational High School - Guayama, P.R.: (1999)

A high school vocational complex with more than 20 classroom buildings distributed in a 20 acre (875,000 sq. ft.) land lot with covered basketball court, cafeteria building, amphitheater, administration building, vocational workshops, etc.  The project required a dedicated 38kV utility connection, 38kv private substation and various loop feed 13.2kV pad mounted transformers.

Bayamon Pediatric Hospital - Hermanos Meléndez: (2004)

New 131 bed healthcare facility part of the well-known Hermanos Melendez Hospital Campus.  Facility is dedicated to pediatric care and includes pediatric emergency room, radiology, pediatric and neonatal intensive care units and surgery ward.   Electrical distribution system consists of two 1000 KVA pad mounted transformers connected at a primary voltage of 13.2KV.  Secondary distribution was done at 277/480V.  The electrical design was done in strict accordance with the governing codes for healthcare facilities, including the use of three different power distribution  systems for critical, essential and non-essential loads with a redundant 100% stand-by generating system which will shed power in order of priority in the case of system failure.  Interior lighting design was instrumental in creating an atmosphere of wellness for the pediatric patients.
A unique characteristic of this project is that it was designed in a partially completed office building.  This connection represented a great challenge and required an intense coordination with the mechanical systems and the architectural features due to the limited spaces available.

P.R. Olympic Coliseum: (1998)

A 20,000 seat arena located in San Juan Banking Center.  Our office in conjunction with Flack & Kurtz Design Group from New York provided the electrical design of the project which consisted of two 38KV service entrance feeders, a 46KV GIS switchgear, two 14 MVA substation a 13.2KV distribution system that feeds 3 double ended unit substations 13.2KV-480/277, interior distribution for lighting, special event lighting, concession spaces and audio visual/t.v. transmission facilities.

Renewable Resources & Energy

Operations & Administration Bldg. - Tren Urbano - Guaynabo, P.R.: (2001)

These are the head quarter facilities for the Tren Urbano rapid transit system.  The following buildings are located at this site; 1.) the main train storage yard and; 2) a 170,000 sq. ft. O&A Building, which houses the Operations and Control Center, the repair and maintenance shop, the car wash facility and all other O&M related administrative offices. JRR performed 100% of the power and lighting design for this project.

Institutional Projects

Residential 12kW Photovoltaic System - Mr. Jorge Ledón Residence, Carolina, P.R.: (2009)

An existing single family dwelling which was retrofitted with a grid-tie utility interactive bi-modal photovoltaic(PV) system.  The system consist of 36 PV panels rated 224W each, one 12kW PV inverter, 3-charge controllers, 48 VDC battery bank and the complete DC and AC wiring system.  JRR performed 100% of the electrical designs and permitting for this project.

Industrial 54kW Photovoltaic System - Standard Refrigeration Co. - San Juan, P.R.: (2009)

An existing industrial facility which was retrofitted with a grid-tie utility interactive photovoltaic (PV) system.  The system consists of 270 PV panels rated 200W each,  nine 6kW PV inverters, and the complete DC and AC wiring system. JRR performed 100% of the electrical designs and permitting for this project.

Standard Refrigeration Co. - USGBC Certified LEED Platinum Building

Hospitality Projects

El Conquistador Resort & Casino: (1989)

An 900 room hotel complex which includes ball rooms, meeting rooms, various specialty restaurants and kitchens, casino, golf & tennis clubs, spa, marina and other amenities.  Our office was responsible for the electrical design of the project.  Electrical distribution infrastructure consisted of an incoming 38KV line which fed two 6.5MW-38KV-13.2KV transformer.  The transformers in team fed a double ended 13.2KV switchgear that serves an underground 13.2KV distribution that provides 13.2KV to a series of medium voltage 13.2KV-480/277 substations.

Buda-Tai Restaurant and Lounge: (2007)

Project consisting of the remodeling of an existing 5,000 s.f. interior commerical space in order to transform it into an upscale restaurant located in the heart of  El Condado.  Interior electrical design included facilities for new kitchen and bars, lighting distribution, fire alarm system and convenience receptacles.

Lemongrass Restaurant: (2004)

Located at the prestigious courtyard of the Caribe Hilton Hotel, this restaurant has a unique ambiance and look.  The existing space was remodeled at a 100% for the electrical work, taking special care at the lighting design which incorporate pendant fixtures, recessed fixtures, indirect lighting and dimming system to create a great dinning atmosphere.

Transportation Projects

San Juan Rapid Transit System: (1996)
“Tren Urbano”

Tren Urbano is a 16km Rapid Transit System which serves part of San Juan Metro area.  Our office had two roles in this project; engineer of record for the fixed facilities of Section 3 of the project which included two substations and the administration operation and maintenance facilities and providing electrical engineering services for part of the systems phase.  This included the design of five 25/33.3KVA bulk power substation 38KV-13.2KV, a 13.2KV distribution system, along the complete alignment, which provided service to a series of traction power and station substations.  In addition, we design the control cable through distribution for the train control, SCADA, and other systems for the at grade portion of the guideway.

Utility Projects

115kV Underground Metropolitan Ring - PREPA - San Juan, P.R.: (2003)

This was a design-built major utility project consisting of an underground 115kV cable ring interconnecting major generation and transmission centers within the San Juan metropolitan area.  The project was divided into 6 different project segments, of approximately 7km each.  Out of the 6 total projects, JRR furnished all of the engineering services related to 4 of these projects to Lord Electric Co.  JRR performed 100% of the underground ductbank design, cable pulling calculations, cable ampacity calculations and the integration of the end-point breakers and structures into the existing utility substations.

Electrical Studies

McNeil Pharmaceutical - 38kV Circuit Breaker Protection Coordination

Perform a protective relay coordination study and furnish all relay set points.

Coliseo de Puerto Rico - 38kV GIS Circuit Breakers Protection  Coordination

Perform a protective relay coordination study and furnish all relay set points.

115kV Metropolitan Underground Ring

Perform all 115kV cable thermal ampacity calculations and cable pulling tension calculations.

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